Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cute Little Girls 3-D Pictures

On Thursday the 12th Aaron and I had one of the coolest experiences ever. We were able to see our little girls face for the first time. We went to the doctors office and they did the 3-D ultrasound. Not only did we see her face but her cute little hands and toes. She is going to be adorable! Everyone thinks that she has her moms lips and nose, but for sure she has her dads toes, the middle toe right next to her big toe is longer than her big toe. Aaron and I were betting on whos toes she would have. (my toe next to my big toe is shorter than my big toe) On the ultrasound we saw her yawn and scrunch her little nose, it was so cute.

It is amazing what technology can do. We were also able to see all four chambers of her heart and the individual valves moving, crazy. We were able to see that all her organs were there and looked normal, and that her brain had all the correct peices and parts. It was so cool!

These are some of the photos we got from that day.

This one is probably my favorite. You can see her toes, hands and face all in the same shot. (I am in love with this little girl already!)

This one I love because you can see her profile and cute little chin!

She had her hand in her mouth for awhile, she was just taking it out when the lady took to picture.

We can't wait till the next 3 1/2 months are passed and we can see the real real little girl in these pictures.


Ben and Camille said...

Wow. How cool is that?? That is amazing. What a fun experience! I'm so excited to meet her this summer! GEEZ!!!