Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carter Staycation and Rio's Birthday

This year my family did a staycation instead of a vacation. We spent 4 days doing things that around here instead of traveling, so we could save money and still have a great time. And we did have a great time, I would almost suggest doing this every year.
On the first day we got together at my moms and had homemade pizza and played night games. It was great to act like a little kid again while playing night games. We played capture the flag and rag tag. (the best night game ever) Casey Snider and I started the rag tag game when we were younger, and it was so much fun that we still like it as adults. It’s like tag in the dark, sounds a bit stupid when you describe it, but its tons of fun. Aaron wasn't able to be there because he was at youth conference for our ward, but we were lucky he only had to miss the first day.
On the 2nd we went the Lava Hot Springs, it was a blast! Tessa had here first swimming pool experience, and she loved it. She kept pushing back so that here head was in the water. We also put her in the coolest hot pot. I think this was her favorite part, she was so relaxed while in there. And when we took her out to leave she got mad and started crying.

This is right after I went on the big slid! I don't like things like that and roller coasters, but I did it because Aaron really wanted me to. He is trying to get me to ride wicked at Lagoon, not going to happen. But the slide was fun. I only went on the yellow one.

Aaron liked the slides

We skipped Sunday and then on Monday we went to Causie Damn and went on canoes. It was fun. My dad wouldn't let me take Tessa on the canoe, although I was going to, so he stayed at the cars and took a nap with her. We swam in the COLD water and some jumped off the cliffs.

Then we went back to my moms house and had dinner. We put Tessa and Sailor (Shanelles little girl) down together to play. It is crazy how much difference only two and a half months makes in size. Sailor was born in April.

The last day we went to Ikea with the girls while all the boys went to work. I got some cute stuff for free because I still had a little bit left on a gift card. Then we all went to Lindey and Spencers house to play some kick ball and watch a movie on a sheet in there back yard. It was fun. Tessa was pasted between people while we all took our turn to kick and play out in the feild.

All in all we had alot of fun. I can't wait till next year.

Yearlier this summer we had Rios birthday party. Ryan and Shanelle just bought a boat and they took us all on it. Aaron wasn't there this time because he was at scout camp. Tessa liked the boat. She fell asleep on it because of the motion. She didn't even mind the life jacket that we barrowed from Sailor.