Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before and After !!!

As many of you know Aaron has had a beard on and off threw out our relationship. In fact his beard is what attracted me to him in the first place.

When we meet at the Young Single Adults summer activity Aaron had just broken it off with a girl he had been dating for a couple of months. He had given up on dating for a while and decided he didn't need to shave his face anymore. Well, it kind of bit him in the but, because when I saw him his beard was the first thing I noticed, and I liked it! Its history from there on out.

His family thinks its weird that I like his beard so much, atleast all of the girls do. The guys think its cool that I don't tell him to shave it off, because they would like to not have to shave also.

This last winter Aaron had his beard the longest he has ever had it. I think he didn't shave for 3 months, just trimed it here and there. This is the only picture I had of the beard, it doesn't really do it justice. I really liked it and tried to convince him to keep it until our little girl was born. You see when Aaron was born his dad had a long beard, like Aarons, and we have a cute picture of him as a baby with his dad and his beard. I wanted to get a picture of him with his daughter & his beard, continue the tradition! But Aaron was getting hot during the day with all that hair.

Well last night Aaron took a shower while I went to get some milk and bread from the store. When I got home this is what I saw...

I was shocked! I tried to block him in the bathroom and make him shave the rest of it off. He just picked me up and moved me out of the way while laughing. It was pretty funny, I have to admite. He told me that he would shave it off tonight, so we will see.

That night Aarons brother David and his wife Lacey came over and the first thing they did was laugh, ofcourse. Who could look at that face and be serious. The whole night I would randomly start laughing out loud because he looked so silly.

Lacey told him that he could pull it off and should keep it. I disagreed!!! I told him he looked like a young hill billy and not like the cool guys you see driving around on harley motercycles. He better not listen to Lacey and keep it.

Later that night I took some pictures and he decided that it would look better if he shaved off the bottom lip hair. (I know you were hoping he would have said it would look better if he shaved the WHOLE thing off, but no he keep the mustach) Thats the next picture, hes crazy!

I will let you know how long he keeps it, lets hope he comes to his sences and shaves it off tonight!


hailee said...

lyndee hi this is hailee (piccolo) just wanted to say your blog is cute and those baby pics are SO COOL!!!!