Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tucker our Puppy

He loves to play with water bottles.

He has gotten so big! Look at him now!
He has his own personality, he snoores so loud you would think he is a grown man, and he loves to cuddle. He hasbeen a great dog.

In April my bosses dog had 8 puppies, I wanted one so bad. Aaron wasn't all to thrilled about having a dog, but one day I just showed up with him and he fell in love with him to. He is our Tucker!

Friday, September 5, 2008

San Francisco

We rented bikes a road over the goldengate bridge and down into Salslito, that was amazing!

My work R-n-R took all of its employees and their spouses to San Francisco. It was a blast. We had tons of fun, saw dolphins jumping by the goldengate bridge, and had tons of great food.
I can't wait togo back again one day. San Francisco just has a different feel than anywhere else I have ever been.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Life and Love

Aaron and I are doing great!We have a house in Ogden, we are living in the basement and renting out the upstairs. Which works out great for us.We are both going to school right now. Aaron is going in to Manufacturing Engineering and I am almost done with my schooling in Interior Design.Aaron is working for udot plowing snow in the valley at nights and I am working at R-n-R Carpet Center and Sessions Cleaning. So we are both very busy but happy!Christmas was wonderful, it was our first Christmas together. We spent the holidays between my parents and Aaron parents. We just stayed the night in the valley so we didn't have to waste gas going to and from the Valley. We spent the New Years at Aaron sisters house, the 31st is her birthday, so we had a birthday/new years eve party!!! It was fun.We both start a new semester on Jan 7th (not looking forward to it)