Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Rolling

As some of you know my family colors easter eggs every year and then we take all of our eggs and roll them down a hill. One year we rolled them down Nortic Valley Ski resort, another year we were at the beach and made trials in the sand, it always ends up different every year. This is one of my favorite traditions. It may sound stupid but it ends up being more than just rolling boiled eggs. We have different contests like whos egg can go the furthest, whose egg lasts the longest, who can hit a seagull with an egg, ext....
My mom gets into it! This year she bought us each 18 eggs. Now we have 20 people in the family so you can imagine how many eggs we had total, LOTS! We all get into the coloring process, we use everything we can to make the egg look cool! None of them are ever just one color. We have used rubber bands, tape, crayons, markers, sparkles, paint, lots of diff. colors of die to make our eggs unique. It’s a blast and I think the adults enjoy it even more than the kids.
This year we went to the Ogden Parkway and had a picnic. My dad always hides plastic Easter eggs with candy in them and let all the grand children go and find them. After we had the picnic all the kids went and found all the eggs that we hidden. While we were there Tucker decided that he was Hot! Aaron took him down to the river to get a drink and he jumped right in the water. I was shocked that he jump in. When he was a puppy Aaron threw him in a little pond, he is supposed to be a water dog. Well he hated it and has never liked the water after that. So we were surprised when he jumped in. But he enjoyed it!
The kids had a blast playing in the leaves at the park way while waiting for grandpa to hide all the Easter eggs!
After the egg hunt and picnic we all loaded up in the cars a drove to South Ogden Jr. High where there is a big hill to roll our Easter eggs. It was a blast! We had the boys egg race and girls egg race.

I think the seagulls knew we were going to be there, there were tons of them. For the last three years that Aaron and I have been together he has tried to hit a seagull. Well this year he finally did it. The poor bird, he wouldn't come close to the hill after that. But he was fine.
Tucker loved the tradition and had a blast chasing the eggs and birds. After we were done rolling the eggs we left the seagulls to their feast and clean up the eggs at the bottom of the hill.

We all had a blast this year!!!