Thursday, June 27, 2013

House and Happenings :)

I know its been a long time since I have posted anything on here. But I am back:)

The last time I wrote we had only been in OK for just over a month. Now 3 months later, oops that has been a long time, we are doing great.

In the 3 months of being gone from the blog Aaron went to IFS (initial flight school) in Colorado, while he was in Colorado me and the kids were lucky enough to go stay at my parents house for four weeks. It was nice to be back and see family and friends. Thanks to all of you that we had some much fun with.
Aaron did great in IFS, I am so proud of him. IFS is a very hard and long month.

Tessa and Logan are great. Tessa loves going to the pool on base and the park on base also. She likes to play house and castle. She moves all the dinning chairs together to build her castle. We took her bowling for the first time and she loved it.
May baby girl had her 4th birthday this last week! I can't believe she is 4!!!! We had a little birthday party at the park with a couple close friends. And she was spoiled by everyone. I have never seen so many packages. Thank you so much to all those who were so nice and sent her a gift. She loved getting all the packages.

Logan is 6 months old now! Man he is fun to be with. He has started sitting up on his own a little. He has 2 teeth (way to soon!) and has started eating solid food. He has only had rice cereal, bananas, applesauce, and green beans. But he has loved them all:) He likes to laugh and smile at everything. And loves to watch Tessa play.

We have also been lucky enough  to have Aarons parents come and visit. It was wonderful to have them here in our home.
And David and Lacey have moved out here to OK for the summer for a job. They are about an hour and 15 min away. We have hung out with them every weekend. And Tessa has been in heaven. She loves her Charly Bea!

Alright here are some pictures in this long post with out them:) I am sure that is what everybody would rather see.
I don't have pictures of our house unpacked yet, I know I should I just haven't yet.
But here is our pictures of the house before we unpacked. Next post I will have pictures of the house all put together.

 The Air Force packed up everything for us. It was so nice, I don't think I would have been able to pack our house at that time with a 6 week old. There is our front door.
 Our dinning room and living room.
 Our kitchen and dinning. Oh man this was a mess it took forever to unpack!
 This is our office. But when we unpacked it was our paper room:)
 This is the guest room. You will see in the next post that the play kitchen isn't in there anymore.
 Tessa and Logan's Bedroom
 Our Bedroom, sorry about the unmade beds.
 The hallway leading to all the rooms.
And here is the paper room again:) That wasn't even all of it, that room was full from floor to ceiling. Tessa had a lot of fun jumping off the chair into the paper:)


Ben and Camille said...

Fun to see!! Can't wait to see unpacked:) It takes sooo long with kids huh? Can't believe Logan is already 6 months either!!