Friday, March 8, 2013

Tessa's First Time Skiing....and She did AMAZING!

Before we left Utah, we really wanted Tessa to get the chance to try to ski. On March 12th, we went with David, Lacey, and Charly. Tessa was so excited!!! It was all she talked about for about 2 weeks. Every time it snowed, she would say, "It's snowing, now Daddy can take me skiing." Or if you asked if she was excited to go skiing, she would answer by saying, "Ya, we will going skiing and then get hot chocolate!" She was very excited for the hot coco.
But by the time we got to the ski shop (Diamond Peak) to rent skis, it was nap time and she was getting grumpy. I was so nervous that she would be sad and hate skiing. Tessa has never liked the cold, and she hasn't been the biggest fan of the snow. I had no idea how she would do.
In the parking lot she was GRUMPY! I held my tongue and didn't say anything to her about needing to be happy, or telling her not to be grumpy so that she would have fun. I knew that would just make it worse.
I told you she was grumpy, look at that little frown. We are in the parking lot getting the ski boots on.
On the other hand, Charly was very happy and excited!

But once we got the skis on she cheered right up! I was so proud of her and Aaron was so excited to take her!
And off they went. I was crossing my fingers the whole time on this first run, hoping that when she came back up the magic carpet that she wouldn't be crying.
And  she was smiling when she got back on top of the mountain. She was having a blast and was being so brave. I remember my first time skiing and I think that I cried almost the whole time either because I was scared or cold. I am a bit of a wuss.
Logan, Lacey and I were watching on the sidelines. Logan did awesome while we watched.
Charly had gone last year with David and she was a pro. Charly has always been adventurous and has loved doing new things. I am so glad that they were able to do this together before we left. I think that is one of the hardest things being out here. Charly and Tessa are best friends and they miss each other so much! Thank goodness for skype; they talk almost every night. Tonight we talked to Charly and Lacey for over an hour. They dance together through the computer, play quaker meeting (the silent game), and are able to talk. I don't know what we would do without it.
Back to the skiing! Sorry about the tangent:) This is Tessa going all by her self! And down the bunny hill! Not just the little magic carpet run by the lodge.

Tessa said her favorite part was riding on the lift and going fast! She kept asking Aaron to go faster so that they could beat Charly. She has always been a bit of a speed junky. When we drive in the car she asks us to go faster so that we can beat the cars next to us. And she loves riding on Aaron's motorcycle.
Tessa and Daddy! They have so much fun together. I am sometimes jealous of their relationship, she always wants to play with Aaron and not me. But I do have to say, she normally wants me when she is sad or hurt or just needs a love. And I love that! Her hugs are the best and I am lucky to be her Mom.
As the girls were skiing, Logan, I, and Lacey went inside the lodge to stay warm. After a couple runs Tessa's toes were cold and the girls were promised hot coco. Tessa drank a whole 16 oz. hot coco within 10 min. and when she got done, she yelled "I beat you!"
They hit the slopes again. And both decided to go on there own. Both dads were still getting there skies on.
And Tessa WENT! I had to chase her down the mountain to help her stop!
Daddy came to the rescue, and she went the rest of the way down holding on to Aaron's ski pole.
Now, remember that 16 oz hot coco she drank so fast? Well this was the last run down the hill because that hot coco got the best of her. We had a potty accident at the end of this run:(
She was pretty sad, but she went to the car where Lacey had an extra pair of PJ's in there car.
On the way home she fell fast asleep!
Aaron and I were so proud of her. She did amazing and loved it. And we loved watching her have such a blast!


JanMarie said...

What fun memories! Hope you all are having a great weekend :)